We opened our doors in 2004 as a tech company specialising in monitoring solutions. Our business was built to support fast, easy, and effective utility revenue management. With over 50 years’ combined experience in the prepaid industry, netVendor enjoys a National and International footprint in Africa and Australia, specialising in prepaid electricity meters.

We have grown into one of the most innovative and efficient vending and metering companies in South Africa, supporting prepaid water, prepaid electricity, and gas.

Our brilliant techies are leaders in their field and have created seamless online solutions that integrate perfectly into utilities as well as other management systems.

netVendor’s smart metering systems make using prepaid systems simple, and offer effective measurement, load control, and resource management.


As a driven and focused company, consistency, sustainability and growth Is at the heart of our commitment to our colleagues, clients, communities, shareholders and our environment.

Through our leading-edge technology, we provide valuable insight into energy consumption within our environment at the touch of a button in a simple and affordable way.

We are constantly pursuing service excellence through our caring, dedicated and motivated team.


To continuously empower our people, using Innovative technology, one household at a time.


We believe in the power of upliftment! netVendor is proud to be associated and engaged with iKhusasalethu, Malvern Satellite Home and Siyajabula. In 2014 netVendor enjoyed hosting the children from Makaphutu Children’s Village Christmas party.


  • 2004 Developed the first STS fully web based vending system in the world
  • 2006 Partnered with EMCON, Namibia
  • 2008/9 Integration to Blue Label and Easy Pay
  • 2011 Partnered with Utility Systems to launch the first STS prepaid water meter in the world
  • 2012/13 Designed and implemented our first Smart meter test site in partnership with Wasion
  • 2014 IMFO Conference: Invited by Ethekweni Municipality to present a white paper on “The Future of Water & Revenue Management in SA.”
  • 2015 Installed the first STS currency based prepaid meter in the world
  • 2015 Successful roll-out of our first SMART municipal project
  • 2016 First utility company in the world to partner with platform giant ZAPPER
  • 2017 Successfully manage 15 municipalities in South Africa and Namibia, and over 6 500 Body Corporates in South Africa.
  • 2018 added Industrial metering to offer
  • 2019 Developed a wallet system
  • STS Edition 2 Certification


We would like to inform you that we are updating our EFT payment process. Due to the large degree of fraudulent activity displayed all around, we made a decision to tighten up our process.

This updated process will be live from Monday, 16 May 2022. Please ensure that you take note of the important information below and that you update the email address where all proof of payments must be sent.

Important Information:

  • - All proof of payments will need to be sent to payments@netvendor.co.za
  • - Only the meter number you are purchasing for, will be an acceptable reference
  • - If any other reference is used, the proof of payment will not be processed. If you have used an invalid reference, the funds will need to reflect in the netVendor bank account and only then can the token be processed by our finance department.
    • - This may take up to 5 business days - excluding weekend and public holidays
  • - Please note that your account will still be in a "Pending" status until the funds reflect and the payment has been reconciled
    • - This will NOT prevent you from purchasing via any other payment channel
    • -  Only the EFT and Debit my A/C channel will be unavailable for the time your account is in the "Pending" status
    • - The "Pending" status means that we are waiting for the funds to reflect in the netVendor bank account.
    • - Once the funds are received, the payment will be reconciled and the account will be activated
    • - The "Pending" Status will in no way delay the generation of the token. The account is placed on this status after the token is generated and sent to you
  • - The helpdesk will NOT have access to process proof of payments with invalid references. This can only be done by our finance department once the funds reflect in the netVendor bank account.
  • - In the case where a wrong reference was used, you will be able to purchase through any of the other available purchase options that netVendor offers
  • - If you have multiple meters registered, each meter will need its own unique proof of payment. One payment for multiple meters will no longer be accepted
Please contact us or visit our self service portal for more information
The netVendor Team