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What Is Smart Metering?

What is Smart Metering?

Smart metering is an Intelligent Metering Solution which provides data collection between the meter and the billing & management system. Using industry standard protocols, it allows secure and reliable communication to optimise and support monitoring and usage.


What can Smart metering do for you?

Advanced features allow for:

  • Support monitoring of entire reticulation systems via a Google Maps GIS platform
  • Load balancing and power quality information
  • Alarms on interruption of service, tampering, and failures
  • Manage the load on the grid
  • Efficiently communicate throughout your network
  • Provide transparent system information and troubleshooting
precise information | scalable solutions | accurate demand forecast | operational efficiency | improved resource management | linked to water, electricity & gas | revenue protection

SMART Features

Accurate real-time energy consumption, event and power quality information to business and network management systems

Scalable solution from piloting to large smart metering systems

Applications to support efficient metering infrastructure management

Future-proof solution: standard interfaces to me

Energy efficiency

Both the utility and energy consumer benefit from precise information that enables greater control over energy distribution and use. From home energy management applications to automated demand response, netVendor Smart helps make energy efficiency a reality from distribution to end use.

Load management

netVendor Smart helps accurately forecast demand and provide new insights into consumer behaviour. With detailed and accurate load profile information, utilities can use automated demand response tools and consumer pricing programs to help reduce peak demand and manage the load curve.

Operational efficiency

From systems integration to field operations, netVendor Smart provides process automation and information needed to improve resource management across the utility organisation. And because infrastructure, IT and communication services can be managed in a single end-to-end platform, implementation and operation of the technology are also efficient.

Integrated multi-energy

Integrating the processes used in operating, monitoring and managing multiple energy forms provides many benefits. For example, the flexible netVendor Smart platform can be used for a variety of advanced metering operations, including electricity, gas, water and heating.

Customer satisfaction

Consumers want reliable and affordable energy from their utility. netVendor Smart is engineered to assist the utility in delivering both – from outage management and predictive maintenance to multi-tariff pricing and efficiency programs — in ways that engage the consumer with information and choices.

Revenue protection

netVendor Smart assists in reducing non-technical losses and identifies theft with a wide range of advanced tools. Utilities can remotely switch power supply on and off, improve debt collection processes and respond quickly to abnormalities which may threaten revenue.