After an extremely stressful day at work today, I can honestly say my day was turned around by the calmed, efficient and polite manner in which Nokulungda handled me. I was so stressed by the fact that my initial token I bought this morning did not load, I got into my motor vehicle and went to purchase a token from Pick ‘n Pay which did the same thing when I tried to load it.

I have been in the service industry for the past 35 years and the way in which I was treated I think this young lady could teach a lot of people about customer service. Although my tokens were showing on her side we could not get them to load.

Finally after trying different things for half an hour (and mind you not once did Nokulungda give up or sound impatient) she sorted the problem out..
Nokulunga is an absolute asset to your organisation and her work ethic is exemplary.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please place a copy of this in her file and perhaps mention my satisfaction to her

Many Thanks Indeed.