Elster AS230 with ASL Modem

Smart (Postpaid Only)

What is this?
The Elster AS230 with ASL modems is a three phase meter is a 4 wire, direct connect prepaid meter that works with a GPRS modem and external antenna to transmit data to the smart dashboard. The meter is used as a monitoring device


  • Access to the netVendor smart dashboard to view consumption
  • The available credit on meter displayed in kWh – read remotely
  • The amount of kWh consumed since meter was installed – read remotely
  • Import and export kWh
  • Tamper detection
  • 30 Minute Load Profiling
  • Import and export kWh, kVah and kVar
  • 4 quadrant metering for single phase, import and export active, reactive and apparent, capacitive or inductive loads