Metering Devices

Does netVendor metering devices replace the municipal meter?

Please note, by law, our metering devices are not allowed to replace municpal meters. netVendor metering devices are installed downstream from the municipal meter.

How do I find out the cost of the netVendor metering devices?

You can contact our sales department at sales@netvendor.co.za and our dynamic team will be in contact with you to discuss the best solution and pricing, based on your needs.

Can I install more than one prepaid / postpaid metering device on my property?

Yes, a metering or monitoring device can be installed in each unit on your property, if the unit has its own Distribution board. All devices are installed downsream from the council meter.

Are the prepaid meters easy to tamper with?

Any metering device can be tampered with if you know what you are doing. At netVendor we provide you with exception reports that provides the visibility required to manage this. It details any person that has not purchased within a prescribed number of days and it also monitors each purchase and compares this to the complex average, and if found below a prescribed percentage, the client will be flagged on a report. Tamper can be suspected early with these reporting features. We also have Smart metering solutions that can assist.

I need a meter to monitor my consumption but I dont want a prepaid meter, what can I use?

You can use a montoring device. A monitoring device is a non-STS meter that runs in a post-paid mode and you can get your consumption readings. The readings can be made available on the Vendy Mobi App and send to you in a report format on a monthly basis.

How can I switch the beeping noise off when my meter gets to a low credit?

Below are the steps to clear or stop the beeping sound on the different models of prepaid meters.


To stop this sound as you plan to buy additional tokens, long-press the “Enter” button.

For one reason or another, a method may not work for your meter model so always try out the steps specified for the other models. These steps will be updated regularly to include new meter models or tricks.

Conlog Intech

A one long press on the hash (#) button will stop the sound on a Conlog meter that keeps beeping when you have few units.


Hexing meter model seems to be most common in many households.

To stop the beeping sound on this meter you need to press 812, then hash (#), or press 812 then “Enter”.


If your meter has the name “Nirav Star Instrument” printed on it, just press 1037 then hit “Enter” button 3 times.


Long press the ‘Enter’ button until the meter stops beeping.


Press 812 then hash (#) button.


Press 016 then hit ‘Enter” button.


Press 1037 then hit “Enter” button 3 times

Punch in 45605 (the last two digits are the number of minutes from 01 to 99) it sets the low credit threshold alarm to 5kWh which stops the beeping until the credit runs down below 5kWh.


Am I being charged the same amount on my tariff, no matter where I stay?

Tariffs are dependent on where you are staying. Each municipality charges different rates to different areas that they supply.

Do I pay more for electricity with netVendor then what the municipality charges me?

netVendor charges the recommended tariff rate as supplied by NERSA. This rate will appear on your municpality bill. There is an exception where an owner can request for a modified tariff to be charged. A modified tariff includes any rates and charges that is on the owner’s municpal bill into one rate per unit. There are bylaws that allow the entire bill to be collected but the modified tariff has to be approved by the Body Corporate, the Home Owners Association or the owner.

When do tariff increases take place?

Eskom tariff increases take place on the 1st of April every year and municipal tariff increases take place on the 1st of July every year.

Are there different types of tariffs?

Yes, there are 3 main types of tariffs that are very common. A flat rate tariff, an inclining block tariff and a Time of Use tariff.

What is a flat rate tariff?

A flat rate tariff is an unchanged amount that is charged per unit if electricity (kWh) or water (kL), for a period of time. It can also be referred to as a fixed rate tariff.

What is an inclining block tariff?

An inclining block tariff splits what you pay per unit of unit if electricity (kWh) or water (kL) into different blocks. The first block will usually be the cheapest block and it will increase the more units you use. For example, if you use between 1 and 100 kWh in Block, you will an X amount. If you exceed 100 kWh, you will move to Block 2 which will be charged at a higher rate than Block 1. This will be repeated for however many blocks are in the tariff. This can also be referred to as a step tariff and the blocks can be referrerd to as steps.

What is a Time of Use Tariff?

A Time of Use tariff means that you will pay a specific amount per unit of electricity, depending on the time of day you are using it. There are 3 categories, nl. peak times, standard times and off peak times. Peak times are usually the most expesive and will occur on the busiest time of the day. (for example, from 6am to 8am in the morning when everyone is up and getting ready for work. Standard times are normally times of the day where consumption is consistent. This is charged at a lower rate than peak time. Off peak times are the least busy time of the and is usually the cheapest. (for example, from 2am to 6am in the morning when everyone is asleep and consumption is at its lowest).


How do I, as the landlord, receive the funds collected from the tenants?

The Vending Lifecycle:
1. The tenant conveniently and safely purchases tokens via available outlets and the Vendy Mobile App
2. The collected funds are held in a secure account and will be paid to landlord on a monthly basis
3. The landlord receives the money in their bank account and is responsible to pay there utility bill from council
4. The council receives the funds from the client

How do I change ownership if I have sold my property?

You can send an email to registration@netvendor.co.za with the property name and your information and the new owners name and contact details. We will be in contact with the new owner regarding registering with netVendor.

How can I change / update my banking details?

You can send an email to registration@netvendor.co.za with the property name and your information and we will send you a change request form that needs to be completed and sent back.

When will the collected funds be paid into my account?

The funds should reflect in your bank account in 3 – 5 business days (depending on your bank) after we have run our month end on the selected dates (25th and the 1st). Business days are Monday to Friday and does not include weekends and public holidays.

Should I change my lease agreement when I put in a prepaid meter

We suggest that you do and recommend that you put in the relevant clauses pertaining to the supply and consumption of electricity. (ask your lawyer or agent for advice). This is especially important if you are going to link the electricity purchases to the rental collection.

I have not received my reports. How can I get them?

You can send an email to support@netvendor.co.za with a request for your monthly reports and the month you need.


How do I register as a tenant?

If you have a netVendor meter where you are staying, you can access the Vendy Mobile App at mobi.netvendor.co.za. Here you can register your details and have miltiple purchase options available.

How do I enter the token into my meter?

When you receive your 20-digit STS token, you can type it into the meter via the keypad that is allocated on the meter or on the handheld keypad that comes with the meter.

If you have a smart meter, the 20-digit STS token will be sent down to the meter within in a few minutes are purchasing it at the point of sale.

Where can I purchase tokens?

You can get our Vendy Mobile App at mobi.netvendor.co.za. On the our are multiple purchase options
– Zapper
– Credit Card
– Debit my Account
– Instant EFT

There are selected retail outlets you can purchase from such as:
– Pick n Pay
– Checkers
– Shoprite

Why do I get charges third party vendor fees?

Each avenue that you purchase through provides a services and will charge you a fee for that service. You can contact us at support@netvendor.co.za or phone 031 109 0001 to find out what these fees are.

What can I do if I have purchased on the wrong meter number?

If this has happened, you will need to be in contact with our helpdesk to explain the situation and the team will be able to advise on the best way forward. You can contact the helpdesk on 031 109 0001 or email support@netvendor.co.za

As a tenant, can I insist that the owner puts in a prepaid meter?

We feel that these meters offer great advantages to both tenants and owners and that if you discuss this with your owner they will also see the advantages and will be willing to install a prepaid meter.


How can I get in contact with netVendor?

You can phone us on 031 109 0001, email us at support@netvendor.co.za or send us a message on Facebook.

What is netVendor operating hours?

Our helpdesk is available from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday and our office are open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm on Fridays. Weekends and public holidays our offices will be closed but out helpdesk remains open.

Is netVendor POPIA compliant?

Yes, netVendor adheres to the POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013). For more information on the POPIA Act, please read it here.

Who can I speak to at netVendor about the sales of metering devices?

You can contact our help desk on 031 109 0001 and ask to speak to one of our qualified sales representatives or email sales@netvendor.co.za

What metering devices does netVendor support?

netVendor supports and uses any meter manufacturer that carries the STS logo as well as a variety of non-STS meters.

Who are PSC Africa?

They are agents that operate from Pretoria. You can contact them on 086 107 3289

What happens if I accidently delete my token?

You can see the last 5 tokens you have purchase on the Vendy Mobi App or you can contact our helpdesk on 031 109 0001 for assistance.

What does it mean when my account is in 'TX Pending' status?

The ‘TX pending’ status means transactional pending status. If you purchase via Debit my A/C or EFT, your account wil remain in this status untill the transaction has been processed. This may take 3-5 business days depending on the bank that you are with.
If you make another EFT purchase within the timeframe, we will only be able to process the token once the account has been activated. Other purchase avenues will be available to vend a token.

NOTE: The account being in a transaction pending status will not delay your token. You will get your token once you have purchased. The account will remain on this status after the token has been generated

NOTE: If your account is an ‘TX Pending’ status, the EFT and Debit my A/C option will be unavailable.

Why did my debit order bounce when I purchase via the Debit my A/C option?

There are different reason your debit order can bounce such as insufficient funds. You can contact our helpdesk on 031 109 0001 and they will assist with an explanation.